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Apr 9th 2017

Social login
Social login, also known as social sign-in, is a form of single sign-on using existing information from a social networking service such as Facebook,
Apr 9th 2017

Login (film)
Login is a 2012 Indian suspense thriller film directed by Sanjeev Reddy. The project is produced by Cocktail Pictures, and stars Himanshu Bhatt, Radhika
Jan 19th 2017

;login: is a long-running bi-monthly technical journal published by the USENIX Association, focusing on the UNIX operating system and system administration
Mar 22nd 2017

Call login system
Call login systems are telephone systems that allow voice-based call center executives to log into their phone equipment in order to make or receive calls
Apr 9th 2017

Login (disambiguation)
Login may also refer to: Magazines: LOGiN, published by Enterbrain ;login:, published by USENIX Login, Carmarthenshire, an hamlet in Wales Login Geiden
Apr 19th 2017

Login Geiden
Heiden (Russian: Ло́гин Петро́вич Ге́йден; transliterated Russian name: Login Petrovich Geiden) (6 September 1772 – 17 October 1850) was a Dutch Admiral
Feb 7th 2017

Login session
In computing, a login session is the period of activity between a user logging in and logging out of a (multi-user) system. Unix On Unix and Unix-like operating
Mar 30th 2017

Login VSI
Login Virtual Session Indexer (Login VSI) is a software product to test the performance and scalability of Windows based virtualized desktops by simulating
Feb 12th 2016

Login, Carmarthenshire
The hamlet of Login lies in the valley and sits on both sides of the meandering River Taf. A stone bridge crosses the river approximately 100 metres from
Apr 2nd 2017

Login manager
A login manager is a login system for Unix and Unix-like operating systems. It comprises a login daemon, a login user interface, and a system for tracking
Sep 20th 2016

Login spoofing
Login spoofings are techniques used to steal a user's password. The user is presented with an ordinary looking login prompt for username and password,
Feb 11th 2017

LoginRadius Inc. is a cloud based SaaS Customer Identity Management platform based in Vancouver, Canada. It was established in 2012 and is recognized
Mar 14th 2017

Simple Login Manager (SLiM) is a graphical display manager for the X Window System that can be run independently of any window manager or desktop environment
Oct 25th 2016

OneLogin, Inc. is the developer of the service OneLogin, which provides single sign-on and identity management for cloud-based applications. OneLogin focuses
Apr 11th 2017

Reliable Login (pronounced "squirrel" /ˈskwɝl/  en (help·info)) (formerly Secure QR Login) is a draft open standard for secure website login and authentication
Feb 20th 2017

Tennessee login law
Tennessee-Login-Law-On-June-1Tennessee Login Law On June 1, 2011 Tennessee lawmakers passed a new bill that makes sharing login information for sites that provide music and movies
Feb 2nd 2015

Fibre Channel Logins
Fabric Login Server; Port Login (PLOGI) - N_Port login, request login to another N_port, before any data exchange between ports; Process Login (PRLI)
Dec 16th 2015

Unix shell
upon startup. "login" means a file is read if the shell is a login shell. "n/login" means a file is read if the shell is not a login shell. "int." means
Apr 10th 2017

Java Authentication and Authorization Service
module.LdapLoginModule sufficient; com.foo.SmartcardLoginModule requisite; com.sun.security.auth.module.UnixLoginModule required
Apr 1st 2017

Vadims Logins
Vadims Logins (born 30 December 1981) is a Latvian football defender, who currently plays for Lokomotive Leipzig in the German Regionalliga Nordost.
Jan 31st 2017

Bash (Unix shell)
setup for interactive shells [ -r ~/.bash_login ] && . ~/.bash_login # any at-login tasks for login shell only fi
Apr 17th 2017

X display manager (program type)
graphical login manager which starts a session on an X server from the same or another computer. A display manager presents the user with a login screen
Apr 10th 2017

Grid reference SN166234 The hamlet of Login lies in the valley and sits on both sides of the River Taf. The name Login may have come from the old Welsh language
Apr 27th 2015

Schmidt's LOGIN GmbH
Schmidt's-LOGINSchmidt's LOGIN is a German software company founded in 1987 by Joerg-W. Schmidt and Roland Loetzerich, who is still the managing director. The company
Oct 29th 2015

myOneLogin was a Secure Cloud Identity Services platform launched by TriCipher in 2008. It allows users access to many applications with a single secure
Aug 22nd 2012

Keychain (software)
Triple DES. The default keychain file is the login keychain, typically unlocked on login by the user's login password, although the password for this keychain
Feb 2nd 2017

included the AdSense code. Where that content resides behind a login the crawler can be given a login so that it is able to crawl protected content. Mediabot
Jan 5th 2017

Simple Desktop Display Manager
Simple Desktop Display Manager (SDDM) is a display manager (a graphical login program and session manager) for the X11 and Wayland windowing systems.
Nov 12th 2016

KDE Display Manager
KDE-Display-ManagerKDE Display Manager (KDM) is a display manager (a graphical login program) developed by KDE for the windowing systems X11 and Wayland. KDE-Display-ManagerKDE Display Manager
Dec 24th 2016

Panel (computer software)
the Login and the Password fields are correctly aligned. <vbox> <hbox> <label control="login" value="Login:"/> <textbox id="login"/>
Mar 28th 2017

Sanjeev Reddy
film Login which is based on cybercrimes and its effects on netizens. Largest selling English language daily in the world Times of India rated Login movie
Mar 22nd 2017

Yahoo! Messenger Protocol
to the token login if successful will contain a token string. Then another HTTPS request is sent to login.yahoo.com with the token_login that is constructed
Jul 12th 2016

Apache XAP
<textField id="password"/> <button text="login" onCommand="login-url"/> </horizontalBoxPane> </dialog> </xal>
Jun 2nd 2014

Secure attention key
computer's login process, before starting a trustable login operation. On systems that are configured to use a SAK, users must always be suspicious of login prompts
Apr 1st 2017

Trusted path
Windows was login spoofing, which was based on programs that simulated operating system's login prompt. When users try to log in, the fake login program can
Dec 1st 2016

GNOME Display Manager
GDM (the GNOME Display Manager) is a display manager (a graphical login program) for the windowing systems X11 and Wayland. The X Window System by default
Dec 24th 2016

In computer software, logname (stands for Login Name) is a program in Unix and Unix-like operating systems that prints the name of the user executing
Nov 19th 2015

The login server now presents a login page, allowing the user to present a username and a password or some other kind of credentials. The login server
Mar 18th 2016

Skype protocol
are: login user search start and end calls media transfer presence messages video conference A Skype client authenticates the user with the login server
Apr 9th 2017

Roaming user profile
centralized file server accessible from any network-joined desktop computer. The login prompt on the local computer checks to see if the user exists in the domain
Apr 20th 2017

Extension Mobility
the Active Login Manager may be the solution. Using this client software, the login procedure for the telephone is synchronized with the login of a user's
Apr 9th 2017

Duleep Singh
years. In April 1849 ten-year-old Duleep was put in the care of Dr John Login. He was exiled to Britain at age 15 and was befriended and much admired
Apr 10th 2017

Password management
individuals to organize and encrypt many personal passwords using a single login. This often involves the use of an encryption key as well. Password managers
Jan 12th 2017

Test stub
different modules : Login, Home, User. Suppose login module is ready for test, but the two minor modules Home and User, which are called by Login module are not
Feb 24th 2017

uptime), recording user logins at which terminals, logouts, system events etc. wtmp acts as a historical utmp btmp records failed login attempts These files
Aug 23rd 2016

Patrice Feussi
(require login). La-GazzettaLa Gazzetta dello Sport (in Italian). 29 June 2005. Retrieved 23 July 2011.  "Prima di tutto un portiere affidabile" (require login). La
Apr 18th 2017

CheckView(context.Window, "login_with_invalid_pass"); }) .Test(); } void set_login(ExampleLoginWindow w, string user, string
Apr 5th 2017

America's Next Top Model (cycle 14)
Work @ All-ANTM (Login Required)".  "RainaWilhelmina Models (Miami) (Login Required)".  "RainaIgnite Models (Dallas) (Login Required)".  "Raina
Apr 22nd 2017

SlickLogin is an Israeli start-up company that develops sound-based password alternatives. The company is based on a novel idea to enable end users to
Dec 30th 2016

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